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Misha Wong marches to the beat of her own drum.

She is her authentic self and will not fit any musical mold. This 90's kid is influenced by none other than Little Dragon, Miley Cyrus and Kylie Minogue. This surprising combination blends into her unique unheard-of sound.

Misha has been active in the vibrant music scene of The Netherlands for years as an artist, songwriter and backing vocalist for several well-known Dutch artists. But now that she has had a taste of the big stages, she's determined to take over the world with her own artistry. In November 2021 she released her debut EP called 'Gamechanger'. Her autobiographical music guides you through her life and tells you about self-healing when dealing with loss, growing up in an unstable environment and working hard to find your own happiness.

Her yet to be released full-length album "On top of the World" sounds like the flag planted at the top of the mountain, after a long climb up. The album is filled with quirky and edgy powerpop songs, with a hint of RnB. Songs about happiness, unconditional friendship and queer love.

​As a half-Chinese Queer woman, Misha strives for better circumstances for women and queer people in our mainly male-dominated industry. Because South-East Asians are still underrepresented in the entertainment industry of today, she tries to create as much work as possible for other Asian creators with her projects.

As an ambassador for Rotterdam Pride she wants to create a safer environment for Queer people.

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