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June 5th 2023 I'm doing a talk about polyamory and alternative types of relationships.

Racism against Asians is unacknowledged in The Netherlands and put aside as "jokes" or satire, but plays a part in violet hate crimes (2021).

A terribly sad example of how women are victims of the male-dominated music industry (2021).

Schermafbeelding 2023-01-15 om 19.59.54.png

Petition: Hanky Panky Shanghai is still blatantly sung in Dutch lower schools which leads to exclusion and ridiculing of Asian kids (2022).

Schermafbeelding 2023-01-15 om 20.15.00.png

Article: how the Corona Pandemic amplified discrimination of Chinese people.


Book tip: Pete Wu's De Bananengeneratie. An inside look on Chinese people's experiences growing up in The Netherlands (2019).

As a half-Chinese, Queer artist, I try to create a safe environment and better circumstances for other Asian, femle and queer creators. It's of great importance to me to create awareness around micro-aggressive racism, discrimination and model minority. I work towards a safer place for female artists in a mainly male-dominated industry. I will share campaigns, initiatives and petitions on this page to help create awareness for and support these minority groups.

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