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Petition: Hanky Panky Shanghai is still blatantly sung in Dutch lower schools which leads to exclusion and ridiculing of Asian kids (2022).

Racism against Asians is unacknowledged in The Netherlands and put aside as "jokes" or satire, but plays a part in violet hate crimes (2021).

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Article: how the Corona Pandemic amplified discrimination of Chinese people.

A terribly sad example of how women are victims of the male-dominated music industry (2021).


Book tip: Pete Wu's De Bananengeneratie. An inside look on Chinese people's experiences growing up in The Netherlands (2019).

As a half-Chinese, half-Dutch Queer artist, I try to create a safe environment and better circumstances for other Asian, femle and queer creators. It's of great importance to me to create awareness around micro aggressive racism, discrimination and model minority. I fight for a place for female artists in a mainly male-dominated industry. I will share campaigns, initiatives and petitions on this page to help you understand and support these minority groups.

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